Elecric greens in a brilliant harlequin pattern which fill this 10x14mm, 3.65ct gem triplet. Colors explode from every direction and in all light. TR-526, $89
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Opal Triplets are composed of a thin slice of precious opal, attached to a black glass or Ironstone backing and covered with a clear Crystal cover. The Crystal cover protects the Opal, allowing it to be worn for everyday use.
Opal Triplets come in several grades depending on color and pattern, Gem, A, B, C and D grades. We only sell Gem and "A" quality Opal Triplets. The colors in every Triplet change with  movement.
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Added 2-2014. As a dealer, I can not get any more top grade triplets from anyone in Australia for a resonable price so what you see here is the last of the gem grade triplets I can get.
Top quality Opal Triplet, Green, blue and gold color flash, 8x10mm, 1.64ct
#SOG-071, $55
Premium opal triplet, rolling red, green and light blue colors over the entire surface, 8x6mm, 1.11ct, SOGA-085, $49
Opal Triplet, 8x6mm, 1.20ct.Flashing Blue, Red and Green colors.
SOG-084, $49
Opal Triplet 8x10mm, 1.62ct.
Red and green colors on a sapphire blue surface, SOG-047, $59
Note: As of Jan. 2011, there are only a very few triplets being produced in Austalia to my knowledge. Look for Triplets on the net and what is now for sale is very old stock and prices are 200-800% higher than two years ago.
Gem opal triplet, 14x10mm, 3.47cts. Explosion of red,  green and blue fill the surface in all lighting. Vivid colors throughout. TR-588, $90
Brilliant opal triplet, multi-green and gold on a dark blue surface, some lighter blue colors. This is an 8x10mm, 1.72ct. SOG-130, $59
Premium opal triplet, 18x13mm, 6.61cts, Rolling red, green and blue, moving across the surface. Colors fill the entire opal. TR-545, $118
Triplet Grades
Triplets are graded by varity of color, depth of color, brilliance of colors and pattern of colors.
Deep color and high luster in this 12x10mm gem triplet. Rolling red, blue and green colors. TR-510, $79.
A  very nice 18x13mm, 6.80ct opal triplet, compleatly saturated with red and green colors in a tight pinfire pattern. Red is the  predominiate color.  All on a midnight blue surface! TR-571, $119
Look at the first two photos. You can see the color bars inside this opal which fill with emerald green as light changes. Weight 3.27cts, 10x14mm, TR-525, $92
All photos of opals taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4300 and using a 40 watt daylight bulb, simulating daylight conditions.

This is TR-550, a brilliant 10x14mm, 3.30cts. Reds, green and blues sparkling from every direction and even bright viewed from an overhead light. $92
A  magnificent 8x10mm gem opal triplet. Just rotate in any light and the entire surface fills with red, then blue with green highlights. TR-609, $62
What a stunning display of colors. A pure flagstone pattern of reds, purples, blues, on and on. Gem 10x14mm opal triplet, 3.84cts. TR-612, $92
This is a 10x14mm gem triplet, 3.67ctc. Rolling ribbons of greens and blues across the entire surface with reds flashing in between. TR-610, $90
Bright red colors roll from top to bottom.  Fills over 50% of surface at times. 12x14mm, 3.95cts, TR-599, $96
A 10x14mm Triplet, 3.50ct, explodes with reds, greens and blues across the surface in any light, TR-589, $92
Stunning, a 10x14mm gem triplet, explosion of colors across the surface. Vibrant reds, greens and blues. 3.40cts, TR-581. $90
A 10x14mm gem opal triplet, 3.46cts, many shades of blue, secondary green and red. Colors change as you rotate this stone. TR-548, $90.
A 10x14mm triplet,fills with red, greens and blues in every light that hit it. 3.41cts. The red is so brilliant, the camera saw it as bright gold. TTR-569, $90.